Ymal is a thin feral cat with sickly-yellow eyes and yellowing teeth, obviously ill with some form of mystery disease that is slowly killing his body. Due to this, Ymal is often left alone, and has through this had much time to think about his life-And through this, he has achieved a sense of eagerness for death in battle, willing to do anything to die a heroic death against vicious foebeasts rather than expire in bed. He often spits yellow bile, and is very violent when need be, always accepting any assignment concerning torture and execution while other cats may turn the assignments down in disgust.

Because of his bloodlust and fearlessness in battle, Ymal has been made a lieutenant under Captain Toralg. Ymir wields a steel-headed spear and steel longknife, and wears a spiked helmet and leather belt. Due to his rank of lieutenant, he also wears a silver talisman symbolizing the Green Army's strength and wealth.