Origin: Southsward
Weapon(s):Crossbow, dagger
Appearance: Rather small for a hedgehog, with snaggleteeth and uneven spikes. He wore a cloak the color of honey, draped about his body and which often got caught on or stabbed by his spikes, as well as a thick knotted rope that served as his belt.
Occupation: Bandit

Wyltig was a stout, sand-colored hedgehog from Southsward, who robbed travelers and luckless wayfarers alongside his partners-in-crime, the mouse Dalof and the squirrel Esrin.

His spikes stuck out beneath his honey-yellow cloak, which was often draped about his body, and his teeth were snaggled and broken.

He carried a long, beautifully-crafted longbow covered in intricate cuts and designs, made from an Osage Orange tree, as well as a dagger with a jagged, twisted blade.

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