Kligg's Gang

Ten beasts strong, three weasels, two stoats, one fox, four rats. 


Gender: Male

Species: Weasel

Weaponry: Oakwood Staff, long, skinning knife

Appearance: A thin, sickly weasel with chestnut-brown fur, dark, shifty eyes, and yellowed teeth. He wears a dark-green cloak to hide the rotting, hairless patches of skin on his back, which are diseased and infected, the flesh pale and slick with pus. He also wears a leather belt made from mouseskin, which carries his knife. 

Place of Origin: The Western Flatlands


Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Weaponry: Cutlass

Appearance: A tall, broad-shouldered fox with soft eyes and a typically thoughtful, far-off look on his face. His crimson fur and fiery tail are typical of his species, though the fox also has a deep scar running across his face, from beneath his right eye to the left side of his muzzle. He wears a thick rope coiled around his waist as an imitation of a belt, which holds his cutlass. 

Place of Origin: The Northlands

Callum's Gang

Twenty-three beasts strong, one wildcat, a scattering of weasels and ferrets, and a majority of rats. 


Gender: Male

Species: Wildcat

Weaponry: Short-sword, hatchet, twin stilettos, spiked buckler shield. 

Appearance: A short, brawny, powerful wildcat, a head shorter than the smallest of his fighters-But he could kill any five of them with ease. He has broad tattoos decorating each muscular arm as well as his tail, and his yellowed fangs seem displayed in a permanent leer. His eyes are narrow and crafty. 

Place of Origin: The Highlands

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