Lord Brocktree

The Legend of Luke, In the Wake of the Red Ship

Martin the Warrior


The Legend of Luke, Martin's Journey

Prologue and Epilogue to Mossflower, approx. 

Outcast of Redwall

Mariel of Redwall

The Searats of Terramort

At this point in time, the whole of the Western, Southern, and Northern Seas are under the control of the Searats of Terramort, the single most powerful corsairing faction of its time. All other wavevermin are forced to either face the Searat onslaught or flee inland, causing much trouble for Salamandastron to deal with and leaving them far too preoccupied to bother with the Searats. Those searats who refuse to join the Searats of Terramort are slain, but the non-searat vermin are given no quarter when met. 

Gabool the Wild personally founded the Searats of Terramort, and now rules from Fort Bladegirt as an old and experienced sovereign. Terramort Isle, Isle of Irgash, Wood Isle, Peace Island, Twin Islands, Volcano Island, Island of the Wrecked Ships, Northern Isles, and many other islands, are all discovered and captured by the Searats of Terramort at this time. Ruddaring Isle, Sampetra, and Green Isle, however, have never been captured by the searats, due to Ruddaring and Sampetra being the homes of the vicious, flesh-eating Monitor Lizards and Green Isle being the home of courageous and very unwelcoming river otters. Some of the named Islands mentioned, however, do not have these names yet. Peace Island was named Rock Isle, for example, and Ruddaring Isle and Sampetra strange Monitor names. 

The Southwest Lands

The Southwest Lands are a warm, peaceful place near the sparkling waters of the Southern Sea, and ruled over by a wise cete of badgers. Joseph and his brood of Bellmaking mice hail from here, and at some point were commissioned by the corsair-battered Salamandastron to craft and transport a bell to them, so that it may be used to ward off some would-be attackers who might not have been aware that they were approaching Salamandastron prior. Unfortunately, opposite to what Mount Sally suggested, (to transport the bell by land), Joseph and his daughter went by sea, having not heard much of the dangers at sea. Captain Ash and his seafaring shrews were selected by Joseph as crew, and they all soon set off. It was not long before they were all captured by Captain Saltar and the crew of the Darkqueen.

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