Tuft began his life as a relatively little known and often overlooked member of Redwall Abbey, mostly due to his rather diminutive height and unimpressive appearance.

He fought for Redwall against the army of Cluny the Scourge and personally slew Durrad, a female rat, as she attempted to scale the walls, as well as countless other vermin invaders, being one of those who dumped boiling water into the tunnels of the rats, weasels, stoats and ferrets.

When Friar Hugo was murdered, Tuft was appointed by the Kitchen Staff as the new Friar, and took up his position with a relish and dedication unmatched by any other cook within Redwall. He wrote countless recipes and cookbooks, and his work done for the feast during Abbess Marianne's Golden Jubilee is legendary, memorialized in the works of John Churchmouse, the Abbey Recorder at the time.

Eventually Tuft married a squirrel by the name of Fermald, who shared his appreciation of riddles and poems. They grew very close over the seasons, and when Tuft eventually died of a stroke, Fermald took most of his greatest recipes and hid them throughout Redwall Abbey so as to render the duplication of his works impossible.

Only one has been recovered, found beneath the floorboards of the attic of the Abbey, where Fermald spent the last of her days.

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