Strigg's GangEdit

Trackle began her villainous career as one of the bandits working under the rat Strigg, an expert on traps and ambushes and the petty ruler of a small portion of Mossflower, which included two tall, sandstone cliffs running on either side of a traveler's road. She, the rat Ringlag and the ferret brothers Clawback and Rankfur manned one section of the heavily-watched territory, standing on a flat, cut-out midsection of the left cliff with the order to pull back the small gate keeping a pile of sandstone boulders and rubble inside. Pulling back the gate at just the right moment would send rocks and rubble tumbling down the cliffside and bulling straight into whatever beasts are unfortunate enough to be in the small avalanche's way.

Verzu's HordeEdit

Runksneer, Pula, Graz

Rungil Longspike Verzu Dampnose

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