Toralg is a captain in the Green Army, a fat, wheezy old feral cat with a sense of humor, a deep, rumbling laugh, and a certain amount of empathy for the woodlanders he and his army fight, granting many mercy once captured. Toralg has deep-ginger fur, much like the wildcats leading him, and soft blue eyes. He wears a leather belt, green tunic, spiked helmet and green cloak, as well as a golden talisman displaying him as a Captain. He wields a steel-headed spear, steel buckler shield, and steel short-sword, the short-sword usually left rejected in the sheath in his belt. 

Toralg has some pity for his lieutenant, Ymal, a feral cat with the dream of dying in battle, telling him many times that life is much better when it is lived without bloodshed, and that Toralg himself would prefer dying in bed to dying from a wound. 

He is a favorite officer amongst the Green Army, whose soldiers view him as a fatherly, respected figure.