The Red Fox, the Surveyor, the Violent Vulpine, The Deadly Grin
Origin: Unknown
Weapon(s):Single-bladed Axe
Appearance: A tall, muscular fox who grins often, dressed in a leather belt, a drab brown tunic, and a necklace of colored beads and broken teeth.
Personality: One who finds humor in the dirtiest, darkest places, as well as one who takes immense pride in his athletic abilities.
Occupation: Soldier for hire, bandit chieftain, and corsair.
Allegiance: Himself
Appears: Tavern of the Rusted Claw RPG

Tavern of the Rusted Claw

During the events of the Tavern of the Rusted Claw, the Red Fox was a crewmember fighting for Sored in their attack against the ship Hellwreak. After the ferret Raggs Scarhide kills the weasel Harchet, the fox materializes behind him, offering him a greeting and a grin before dispatching an enemy searat. 

He accompanied Raggs to the Captain's Cabin where Scragtail and Fishgill were barricading themselves, hacking apart the door with several mighty swings from his axe. He killed Fishgill by snapping his neck when the searat attacked him. 

After killing Fishgill, his eyes fell upon Scragtail, who was cowering in a corner, noting that the weasel wasn't Slank

After Scragtail explained himself to the fox and ferret, The Red Fox grinned at Raggs, telling the ferret that he could deal with the cowardly weasel while the fox himself headed to the ship's storerooms to scavenge for liquor. 

He also occasionally goes by the name "Damask", but whether this is his real name or not is unknown.

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