The Legacy - A Written History of Fort Ruddler is a poem honoring the legend that is Fort Ruddler, written by badger Orlando Axewrath and chronicled by Ariel Oceanstar, Windstar Bluecross, and Summer "Sunswirl" Snow.

This is the Legacy of Fort Ruddler,

Who answered daily the nameless cry,

Of where it stands and how it built,

Protection for the northern sky.

The northlands bold were hurt and dying

With strife and loss, hate and war.

And relentlessly at the coast,

The vermin evil mercilessly tore.

Thrugg the otter saw the land

And its need for protectors strong

So from the rocks he built it tall

So to defeat the evil, corrupt and wrong.

Where the Southland meets the river,

To become the rocky north

A grey fortress looms upward

From where brave creatures issue forth.

Sworn to protect the coast and land

Warriors one and warriors all.

To fight off the vermin hordes

They come to answer the noble call.

-Orlando Axewrath

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