The Grey Monastery
The Grey Monastery 2
Alignment: Order of Silvir
Appears: The Silvir Conquest

The Gey Monastery was a fortress built on the far, far Northern Coast of Mossflower Country by the Order of Silvir. During the Second Silvirian Conquest, its existence was all but unknown to the inhabitants of Redwall Abbey; let alone its specific location.

When Abbess Nortrena was kidnapped by members of the Order, however, a search began for the missing squirrel. One of her captors, a rat named Grist, had inadvertently let the name "Grey Monastery" slip as their destination, and the newcomer Astrix and the Abbot pro Tempore, Brother Bannel, worked from there in the Gatehouse. It was soon discovered in the Abbey Records that the Grey Monastery was located directly north by northwest of the Otter and his Wife.

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