A study on Vermin, by Brother Pesault, Recorder of Redwall Abbey from The Season of the Long Mile to The Season of the Mole Revolution.

From the information gathered and collected during my restless research, I have come to one conclusion: Sorry flirtatious squirrelmaid who has a thing for ferrets and apologies so-called scholar who claims that not all vermin are the same, Mossflower Country's history and Nature itself do not lie.

Vermin are an eternal, restless evil, made up of a Rogue's Gallery of flesheaters and cannibals from the primordial Monitor Lizard to the bloodthirsty monstrosity known as the a Wolverine, of which he still know very little. They have sharp teeth, sharp claws, live dark lives of their own choice filled with senseless death and mayhem, and build shadows of cultures based entirely off of fear and hatred of the weak.

They have plagued us for untold seasons, and yet we still make an attempt to reason with them.

From Veil Sixclaw the Outcast to Captain Slipp the Searat, from Tevah the Mistake to Larue, we seem to have always had a soft spot for vermin regardless of past warnings and bloodshed because of it. We raised both Veil and Tevah, and one ended up poisoning a hedgehog and descending into frothing savagery while the other was turned by a passing band of her own, murdered EIGHT of our Brothers and Sisters, and made off with the priceless relic of Martin's Shield, which has yet to be found.

So REARING the fanged nightmares is not an option. Forget those silly tales you've heard about the Long Patrol of Salamandastron's supposed "success" in breaking a vixen's vile nature. Just another Veil or Tevah.

Nothing more than a dangerous pet just waiting to break her leash.

And now onto Slipp and Larue. Yes, Slipp's companion Blaggut seemed a kind soul, but that only tells us that particularly slow-witted or in Graylunk the corsair's case, completely mindless vermin can show some form of peaceful behavior. Slipp himself however, was taken in out of pity and after a good meal, he proceeded to murder the resident Badgermum.

Larue was a wounded rat pulled out of the chaos of war, and he murdered and ate the Abbey Healer, Sister Vessa. Yes, you read write. He ate her. Same mistake, different tragedies.

Vermin are beings of the purest darkness. Untamable, and unfortunately, unfixable. My remedy to a vermin's evil and bloodlust? I quote the good Log-a-Log Marttle in saying "With a blade in its throat, just deep enough for all its evil to bleed."

So there you have it, good beasts of Mossflower Country- Never attempt to help what can not be saved.

Keep my way words in mind, and perhaps even more unfortunate casualties on our side shall be avoided.

-Brother Pesault, signed Season of Rotten Teeth.

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