Expert Archer
Origin: Southsward
Weapon(s):Longbow, skinning knife
Occupation: Bowbeast
Allegiance: Reath Sixclaw

 Swiftclaw was a long, sinewy rat well-known for his deadly accuracy with the longbow, reputably the best archer in the Southlands during his time. He fought for Reath Sixclaw's Horde, and survived the last battle that the Sixclaw Horde ever saw, the Siege of Castle Floret

He wore a leather belt over his shoulder to carry a skinning knife and a quiver of blue-fletched arrows, as well as a small buckler shield attached to the back of his belt. Swiftclaw, true to his name, was also an excellent runner, which proved to be lifesaving when the badger known as The Lord Maric charged into the Horde and Swiftclaw fled, deserting his comrades. 

He had scruffy forest-brown fur, and dark brown eyes.