Sukay the Blade Paw
Personality: Loyal, fearless, and a confident fighter.


Sukay was a female weasel who used tight, elbow-length gloves that held three long, slightly-curving blades, as well as long blades strapped to her elbows, points out.

She was fearless, bold, and fiercely loyal to those she saw as friends, and definitely not one to shirk away from a fight.

At one point she had been invited to attend the wedding of Tarkers Twinblade the Tenacious and Fleetsrunner Hawkeyes when it was attacked by several of their enemies.


Sukay the Blade-Paw was a ROC member known to play her character of the same name on the VoyForums alongside Tarkers Twinblade, Bronx, Bloodtalon, Fleetsfeather Hawkeyes and many others, sometime around 2001.

She seems to have drawn inspiration for her blades from Marvel Comics' Wolverine

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