Spiv was a skinny, white-furred ermine female who wore a leather, iron-studded helmet, and wielded an iron single-handed axe. She had a tattoo depicting a sinking ship on her paw. 

Spiv doubted the young weasel Sanka when she claimed to be a fierce mercenary, claiming that there was no way a weasel with a rusted knife as  a weapon would survive a mercenary job. However, the rat Wiltfur backed up Sanka, saying that they needed more recruits anyway, and Spiv's commander, Arcturon, allowed Sanka to join them. 

Spiv later found Sanka's body and spat upon it, laughing bitterly at the slain weasel, as this was exactly what she said would happen. Surviving Marid's next attack on the mercenaries, which left most of them, including Arcturon, dead, Spiv followed Ruvin in his seizing of command, and wholeheartedly backed up Ruvin's decision to head North.