Sorvaq Feng is a thin, fast,  merciless weasel, a deadly combatant when equipped with his axe. He does not tolerate anybeast who does not share his ideals of vermin superiority, and is swift to deal out fatal punishment to any who dare stand in his way. His favorite method of killing is dismemberment. He is the Chieftain of the Juskafeng

Sorvaq is tall and rangy, wearing a long flowing cloak of purple and a spiked helmet. His two-handled axe Slaughter has never been seen out of his presence, its long handle made of red-oak and its head of a heavy, razor-sharp steel engraven with barbaric symbols. Sorvaq also has steel-gray slashes on his cheeks, the tattoos of his clan. 

He is known throughout the rainy lands of Stormfell, a place not far from Southsward, as the greatest axebeast ever known.