Sildun Maszerian was a wealthy red fox of middle-age, the Lord of Ragland following the death of Lord Raglan, the previous owner. 

He was a good friend and a useful ally of Elton Bell, the Governor of Port Steele, as well as the father of Garic Maszerian, Port Steele's War General. Governor Bell and Garic were both later arrested following a military coup that left Bell's primary political foe, Sellah Garnier, in charge. Bell was executed on the spot, but Garic was tortured in an attempt to bring Sildun to Port Steele to be put on trial for aiding Bell and Garic. 

Sildun refused, and newly-made Governor Garnier sent Shen's Mercenaries, a band of thugs and hired killers led by Shen Lowe, after him. He escaped with a daughter, Silvan Maszerian, but the rest of his family were slaughtered. He traveled to the Vulpine Imperium by ship, becoming a particularly prominent member of society. 

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