Juska Chieftain
Origin: Unknown
Allegiance: Juskajow
Death: Stabbed by Trelk
Appears: The Blood Between Us

The Chieftain of the Juskajow during the events of the story The Blood Between Us, Sedjow is portrayed as a harsh though competent fox, as well as an above-average fighter.

He seems to see males as superior to females, seeing all Taggerungs as male and noting that he thought Katchra was a good Juska Chieftain despite her gender.

He highly values the lives of his mate and daughter, and seems to generally care about those under his command, showing very fierce bitterness when Trelk breaks the truce between his tribe but wise enough not to try fighting. He held the previous chieftain of Trelk's Juska, Katchra in high regard for her ability to hold a truce, and often wondered how a beast as foolish as Trelk had ever managed to defeat her. This very same bitterness towards Trelk turns to murderous rage when he discovers that the stoat had not only murdered the vixens Sedjow had allowed Trelk to take into his tribe, but had also set his camp alight. He saw the Taggerung more as a burden and a threat than a blessing, knowing that other Juska tribes would attempt to fight to retrieve him, much like Trelk and the Juskatrelk.

He died shortly after killing Trelk, his last thoughts being of his mate and daughter as they fled into the woods, and of the Taggerung, picturing the babe burning in the flames of the Juskajow campgrounds.

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