Sarrik is a grayrat member of the Juskafeng, with steel-gray slashes on her cheeks the tattoos of her clan. Her fur is sleek though covered in a thin sheet of mud from the rainy lands far South of Mossflower. Edit

The ratess is the lieutenant of the small Juska clan, which numbers about thirty. When Sorvaq Feng isn't there, she's in command

Sarrik wears a ragged brown-leather belt with an iron buckle, which carries a long steel sabre with a leatherbound handle and a long iron knife. She achieved this sabre by killing a ferret duelist named Ravarde, whom she stabbed to death whilst he was drinking. 

As shown in the Mossflower Country & Beyond RPG, she began her career with a rather low position, advising a Juska weasel scout captain named Redfang as a Juskalur