A surly weasel mercenary from the Western Coast, Sanka was a small-time highwaybeast who joined the Blackblade Mercenary Company for a cut of the wealth the company was famous for. Not exactly very skilled, she bluffed her way into the band alongside the rat Wiltfur, who backed up her wild claims of glory when the ermine Spiv doubted her. 

Sanka was the first beast Marid killed, when she and her companions attacked Fort Elm while searching for the legendary Blackstone, which one of the shrews living in Fort Elm possessed. She was about to cut the unconsious shrew's throat when the honey badger Marid leaped at her in the shrew's defense, slaying her with a blow to her chest, which immediately shattered her ribcage. 

Sanka wore a thin, stained green tunic and a coil of rope, which she used as a belt. She wielded a long, jagged, rusting knife.