Origin: Unknown
Weapon(s):Cutlass, wavy dagger
Appearance: Thin with black fur.
Personality: A complainer who's shown to have some sort of affection for his dagger, which he fought with Narby to get back.
Occupation: Crewbeast aboard the Clawkeel
Allegiance: Arrig
Death: Either crushed by a canoe or slain by Skurats
Appears: Wreck of the Clawkeel RPG

Sacker was a thin black rat who continuously complained about fate and luck, which is mostly why he lost his former position as first mate aboard the Clawkeel. He wielded a cutlass and a wavy dagger, and wore a deep blue sash and a floppy hat. 

When the Clawkeel sunk, he managed to climb aboard Halftooth's raft.

At the sight of the Skurats, he immediately loses all nerve, screaming alongside Skilgutt about how they would all perish against the horde of tribesbeasts.

When the furtive little rat Narby picks up a pebble and throws it at the Skurats crewing approaching canoes, hitting one, Sackerr's absolutely fascinated, exclaiming that no one could throw a pebble that well. Narby steals his dagger, and they tumble into the water. He resurfaces with dagger in tow, just to be slain the moment the nearest native canoe smashes into Halftooth's raft, splitting the raft in half and presumably crushing Sacker in the aftermath.