Ruvin Blackblade is the son of legendary mercenary commander Arcturon Blackblade, and operated alongside his father during the pre-Redwall era as a hired killer running the Blackblade Mercenary Company. On one of he and his father's operations, they raided the small woodlander settlement of Fort Elm, searching for the whereabouts of the Greenstone Leaf. Several of the woodlander survivors later tracked the fox father and son, and under the command of the honey badger Marid, his father and most of the mercenaries under his command were killed. However, Ruvin and what few vermin were left of the mercenary company traveled onward, heading for the warring lands of the North. 

Ruvin wore a dark-iron breastplate, gauntlets, a crimson tunic, leather belt, and a chainmail kilt, much more extravagent when compared to Arcturon's simple cloak and belt. He wielded twin iron scimitars, and later mated with Sumar, one of the vixens under his command.