Reis is a tall, confident Sea Otter male shown to be rather distrustful of his Skipper, Sterling Firhound

He seemed to be very close to Zannah, an equally strong and scheming female, never having left her side up to the point when he and Zannah went seperate ways with other groups. They originally planned to murder Sterling once the battle was over, but it obviously went south once Reis was slain. 

He left with Kai and an otter named Ondroh, disguising themselves as vermin as they headed towards an outhouse where Ondroh believed they might find help or security. They were attacked by a mob of patrolling vermin, and not having enough time to throw himself to the ground before a volley of arrows were fired, Reis was shot in the throat. He fell backwards, breaking his neck as he rolled down the hill behind the otters. 

He carried a cutlass as his main weapon.