Orlando G. Axewrath the Insanic
Weapon(s):A wooden lance and a war-axe.
Personality: As courteous and honorable in battle as he is in peace, and one who grants his opponents mercy when he sees fit to.

However, he also has his touchy moments, and is impatient when he feels that his time is being wasted. He also suffers from an insanely severe amount of Bloodwrath.

Occupation: Captain of all ships in his extensive and impressive fleet.
Allegiance: The side of good.


Orlando G. Axewrath, warring hero of the Battle of Durante and commanding captain of all ships in the Fleet of the Port of Moonlight, with the Stonewall (Ship) being his own personal vessel. He has seen extensive combat, and has proven himself a strong ally, a capable and deadly combatant, and a trusty comrade time and time again.

Unfortunately, he seems possessed of an affliction worse than any common Bloodwrath, horrifically changing his pupils pure, blazing white and reducing him to a madness of which there is little control for any common creature- However, having had it for many seasons, Orlando Axewrath has mastered it, and can seemingly use it to his own leisure.

He is known to be loyal to the Port of Moonlight, Camp Dawnlight, the Mossflower Attack Force, Fort Ruddler, to his allies, and to his crew. Fellow badger and Durante vet Bronx seems to value Orlando as a battle and travel companion, though it is currently unknown if Orlando feels the same.

At one point, Orlando was invited to the wedding of Tarkers Twinblade the Tenacious and Fleetsfeather Hawkeyes, but left after its cancellation in order to continue fighting at Durante alongside Bronx.

Orlando also wrote a poem detailing the legendary legacy of Fort Ruddler, which we have recorded here.

He may be a descendant of the legendary Orlando the Axe, though this is not known for certain.


Orlando's author was a member of the ROC during the early 2000s, and a member of several Redwall Clubs, including:

He also seems to have a knack for writing poetry.

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