Onco was the male Log-a-Log of the Guoraf, a grim, cold shrew who fervently believed that his destiny was to secure the South from vermin attack, actively seeking battle against any and every vermin lord, lady, chieftain and band. 

He had one son, Jonnul. His wife, Meech, was killed by Marnok Leer, which is what his tribe believes had broken their chieftain's spirit and lead him onto this eternal warpath. 

He fought against Marnok Leer himself, slaughtering Leer's beasts and running his blade through the wildcat's heart. However, his clan was not without their own losses, and many, sick of battle, abandoned their Log-a-Log. Those few who decided to stay with Onco attempted to convince him to abandon his bloodlust, but he refused, leading them to war against Rona Saar. The sable easily disarmed Onco, and offered him mercy if he took what was left of his clan and left Southsward to never return. Onco refused, and Saar killed him and what remained of Onco's Guoraf.