Ompra was a skilled, opportunistic stoat Sea Raider who immediately fell in behind Brartag at the death of the previous Captain, Brias.

Previously, he used a fire-burnt iron dagger in his corsair attacks, but took a fancy to Brias' cutlass almost immediately. When Brartag had him dump the searat captain's corpse over the side, the stoat seized the gold-handled, polished steel-bladed instrument before following out orders.

He was often seen whispering to or shining the blade during the journey to Mossflower, cradling it like a child.

When his crew attacked Kurum Tagh's tribe, Ompra, seeing the futility of the battle, attempted to slip back to the docked ship and escape. However, he stumbled upon Devon Longpaw, who, after a short duel, gutted the stoat and took his cutlass.