Lord Earl Bellingel Pennyford Edgethyne Bagscut Highnorth of Highnorth Castle, (originally named Bellingel Pennyford Edgethyne Bagscut) was a hare who left Salamandastron with nine hares in search of better fortune in life than living in an old moldy mountain pounding sand all the dandy day long. He found that fortune after a long journey northward across the mountains into Northmarch, where he happened upon a castle that was occupied by a vermin gang; needless to say, they were quickly cast out.

Eventually over three hundred soldiers (mountain hares, runaway hare recruits from the Long Patrol, a few squirrels and a few otters) mustered to his call. Under the fabricated surname "Highnorth", he married Carmellia Cudgwuths, another Salamandastron hare, and was blessed with six leverets who quickly became disciplined fighters. Several disputes with the local Highlanders ("savages") in Northmarch followed his takeover of the old castle, but a series of quick, decisive battles resulted in Highnorth being fully and irreversably established as an Earldom, with the "Lord Earl" as its head of state.

That all changed when the Silvirian mixed-mercenary army thrust into Northmarch, as Highnorth Castle was their primary target. After a short siege, it fell to the invaders and the make-believe hare Lord was forced to abandon his home forever.

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