Kurum Tagh was a golden-furred, green-eyed fox Chieftain who lived during the time of Lord Brocktree, ruling over a clan of foxes in the Northern Woods. He fought and killed the stoat Sea Raider Brartag as well as his entire crew, when the hulking stoat and his fighters went Northward seeking pointless battle. Brartag stumbled upon the fox's tribe and immediately drew his machete, attempting to murder one of Kurum's sons, Fleran. Kurum immediately leapt at the arrogant, brutish Sea Raider, and tore him to pieces with his spiked mace. 

Kurum Tagh wore a cloak made from the fur of his father, whom he skinned after seizing leadership from him, as well as a belt and necklace of interlinked golden chains. He wielded a spiked steel mace with a strong oak handle, and could reputably slaughter a whole army of beasts singlehandedly.

He had three sons, the eldest being Soran, the middle child being Varden, and the youngest being Fleran, as well as a mate, Shona Jagged Iron

His fox clan were known as the Jagged Iron Fox Clan, as his mate was the one who renamed it after his father's death.