Kragg Bludmark was a middle-aged weasel assassin, and a good one at that.

With heavy machete in paw, the weasel could massacre any twenty fighters that dared cross blades with such an expert killer, and could virtually leave the entire scuffle with no more than a cut.

He was big and brawny as an otter, and had spiked knuckledusters on either paw which lead to even more injuries to victim or foe. He was particularly versatile and limber as well, able to leap from roof to roof in a city or sidle up a mast as well as any veteran ratjack. His long cloak was made of a faded, muck and blood covered yellow, and the broad belt that held his trademark machete as well as several daggers of various shape, size and use was worn tight about his muscular waist.

Kragg had large, sharp teeth, which he was known to use to his advantage when faced weaponless against a beast- Be it through tearing out his opponent's throat or through sheer intimidation.

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