Karion the Pike is a wiry red fox with fur the color of rust and sharp, intelligent eyes. Buckled around his waist is a black-leather belt, a neat slit in the fine leather holding his scimitar and stilettos. Over his shoulders he wears a baggy, scarlet-red vest, loosely hanging over his body, as well as two rough-leather gauntlets, studded with iron. He wears a bronze earring as well.

Karion is 28 seasons old, and a professional at his weapon of choice, as well as his namesake- The steel pike, which he shines and cares for regularly after battle.

He commands a band of various criminals and scavengers, who prey upon travelers, merchants, and shipless sailors as they wander along the Southern Coast. Long Patrollers are sent regularly after his band, but never seem to be able to find them once the skillful vermin disappear into the wilderness.

Dinag, Korvu, and Alaieg serve as his lieutenants, as well as his constant shadows, tending to the young leader's every need. He flirts with Dinag continuously, though he passes it off as a joke, much to his crew's amusement.