Jilti was a female Searat, the mate of Catchear and the mother of Bloodthirst.

She was known as extremely affectionate of her mate and son, sleeping with the babe in her arms within the Captain's cabin whenever she became weary from taking care of the ratbabe. It was said that she had been found by Catchear, many seasons ago when they were both young.

She expected great things of her son, having named him due to his bloodthirsty personality as a babe and toying with the idea that he might become a Captain, or even the heir of the current Emperor of Sampetra at the time, Iobar the Wicked.

She made a lullaby for her son while out of action due to pregnancy, and was quite proud of it.

Both she and her mate, along with the rest of the crew of the Cruelbeast, sailed from the isle of Sampetra when the ship was hit by a terrible storm.

The lullabyEdit

Sleep ye well and now to rest,

None will put a dagger

In your father's chest.

Sleep so quiet, safe and warm;

Forget about the wilderness

Of the hurtling storm.

Grow up strong, grow up tough;

A searat's life can be a world

Of seas-a-rough.

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