Highlish Gaels, or Highlíe, is the native tongue of Northmarch and is known by some in Highnorth Mountain territories like Wintor as well. It is a rough amalgamation, and is only vaguely based on the real world languages Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic.


Common NounsEdit

Laird - Lord (one who is high)

Fhuìr - Council, Meeting

Gaìl - Person of Gaelish ancestry; a Gael.

Clann - Clan, Family

Tìgh - House, Dwelling

Aìn - Me, I, Oneself

Míorra - Vermin 

Asaíg - Weasel, Stoat, Ermine

Baíst - Beast, Animal, Someone, Somebody

Claigh - Sword

Common Verbs & AdjectivesEdit

Altaígh - Wield, Hold (for use)

Aird - High, Lofty, Superior

Phrases & MetaphorsEdit

As maíth an míorra, 'n míorra morbh. - The only good vermin is a dead vermin.

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