Variants of the Halazu symbol.

The Halazu was the Juska symbol of eternity, and, more importantly, the name of their divine mythos.

In the Vulpuz LegendariumEdit

The Halazu mythos states that Vulpuz the Clever Beast achieved divinity through his cunning encounter with the Devil; in which he first deceived the Devil into granting him immortality, and later conquered Hellgates itself. The Halazu asserts, however, that the Devil, who was banished, returns after an age to begin the Days of the Devil, in which he attempts to reconquer Hellgates from Vulpuz. This struggle between Vulpuz and the Devil is commonly referred to as the "halazu", meaning "infinity".

As a symbolEdit

The Halazu symbol appears as a infinitely-circling spiral, or helix. It is often seen on Juska tattoos and banners, and as a symbol of the Juska themselves.

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