Crumweld's Arming-Book was a 300-page treatise on "how a beast shall be armed, and how he shall conduct himself in the conflict of arms", written by the Blademaster, Field-Marshal Andrean Bardolomeo Blandencroft Cripps Crumweld during the Great Vermin Wars period. It was a compilation of his own exploits and techniques in battle, and those tactics that he had witnessed vermin using in their own field and guerilla warfare. The shrews were an inspiration to him and on several occasions the great Marshal Crumweld would attribute much of his military maneuvers to the quick resourcefulness of the Guosim shrews.


The first two chapters focus on the dress of the day, with illustrations throughout depicting gambesons, belts, gauntlets, helmet and harness alike. The third chapter through fifth chapter focus on the footwork, stance and ward (or guard) of the warrior depending on what weapon they are implementing, and the sixth through ninth chapters impart different fighting tactics and maneuvers, along with a few words to the wise from the Great Blademaster himself in the notes.

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