Catchear was the Searat mate of Jilti, father of Bloodthirst, and Captain of the ship Cruelbeast. He wore a black cloak against the wind and rain.

Though fearsome in the eyes of his crew and any others but his mate and son that knew him, Catchear proved to be a good father and a cheerful mate, and extremely fond of his family, playfighting with his little son at every chance he could, though most likely away from his crew's eyes.

He was made near-legendary when a tale was told of how he was rumored to have looped a rope about a massive eagle's leg and refused to let go until the awesome predator was dead- The fight was said to have taken three days, and the fang that decorated his left ear was believed by some to be one of the eagle's toeclaws, whom he had taken as a trophy from his mighty victim.

Both he and his mate, along with the rest of the crew of the Cruelbeast, sailed from the isle of Sampetra when the ship was hit by a terrible storm.

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