The Ildré Cûmré without a, e, i, and o accents.

Cûmré was an ancient writing mode used for a number of languages in Westingmark and Ildré Forest, originally created for the Ildrén language alone. Its use eventually spread across Westingmark proper, although it was eclipsed in common use by High Runic, being more-or-less confined to documents of importance and class outside of Ildré society after circa 750.


The script first surfaced in written form in the script treatise Qe Ildré Cûmré, written in the Moon's Bright after the Firefalls 503. It was far advanced in comparison to the then-primitive Highfolk pictographic writing mode, and quickly caught on among the civilized creatures of the North as well as the Ildré- particularly the polecats of Mistforn. By Moon's Bright 557, it had spread to the southern Riverin weasels, who acquired it through their close proximity with the squirrels of Ildré Forest, although they used it for their own rough Lows Speech.

Cûmré Name Sound
Cumre5 Auré
k / hard c / g / q
Cumre6 Uth
Cumre10 Umzé
Cumre11 Rûeth
Cumre8 Fandr
f / v
Cumre12 Cén
s / soft c
Cumre7 Meréth
Cumre9 Nuréth
Cumre3 Arûndr
t / d
Cumre2 Arandr
th / h
Cumre4 Ndûnir
Cumre13 Zandir
Cumre16 Silbh

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