Weapon(s):Double-bladed paw axe
Personality: A reliable and trusty friend, a useful ally and a capable warrior. He seems to see the bigger picture in most things, and values companionship when he needs it.
Occupation: Warrior


A loyal companion and a hardy fighter, Bronx has seen much fighting in his life, and has proven himself a stalwart and reliable comrade of whomever he trusts. He's said to have worn a cloak at some point, though it is currently unknown if this was something he wore often.

At one point, he was invited to the wedding of Tarkers Twinblade the Tenacious and Fleetsrunner Hawkeyes, but left with Orlando when the wedding was cancelled in order to continue fighting at Durante.

He seems closest to fellow badger Orlando Axewrath, whom he fight side by side with at the Battle of Durante.


Bronx's creator was a ROC member, and roleplayed his character alongside many others on the VoyForums, sometime around 2001.

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