Brongil served for a time as the Abbey Deputy, reputably the youngest known, and took care of important duties whenever the Abbot, Allen, was unable to. If asked about these days later in life, he would tell you that he would remember nothing of the sort, having replaced most of his memory storage with recipes.

Eventually, he found his way into the Abbey Kitchens, where he baked his first bread loaves under Friar Oriann's supervision, and almost immediately fell in love with the idea of creating food. Resigning the position of Redwall Abbey Deputy to an older mole by the name of Burgle, the young hedgehog joined the Kitchen Staff full-time, and crafted vittles rival to none other than the near-mythical Friar Tuft, who had since long before Oriann compared Brongil's vittles to his had been a role-model of the hedgehog's.

When Oriann resigned her position of Friar to join the Long Patrol alongside her cousin Rogair, Brongil was the first choice for the position, earning him the surname of "Longladle" due to his many culinary successes.