Brias was a searat Sea Raider who operated during the time of Lord Brocktree, as Captain of the ship Seareaver.

He had fur with a slight-golden tinge to it, and always wore a tricorn hat, a pair of copper earrings, and a leather vest strapped to his chest with numerous buckles and belts that reputably were hard to look at due to shining so brilliantly in the sunlight. Brias commanded a vicious, powerful crew of thirty vermin fighters, and ravaged the villages of the Western Coast with an ease only gained from experience. However, his luck turned when, while sailing Northward, he squabbled with the stoat Brartag over a broach of ale. Brartag immediately ran the rat through, before dumping some ale over Brias' body and setting him on fire. His burned body was later dumped overboard. 

Brias wielded a gold-handled cutlass with a polished steel blade, which was later looted by Ompra before the stoat threw his corpse over the side.