A big, thick-bodied stoat with tattoos dancing across his mighty, muscular frame. He wields a bronze machete with an oaken handle, and wears a white sash covered in dirt and dried blood about his waist, as well as a simple iron bracelet on either thick wrist.

Brartag was a well-respected Sea Raider who operated during the time of Lord Brocktree's rule, feared and held in awe for his skill in battle and passion for violence. The weasel speaks slowly, letting each heavy word drip slowly from his lips. 

Reputably, Brartag had killed his previous Captain over the ownership of a broach of ale, and had poured what he did not immediately drink of the alcohol over his slain foe's carcass before setting him alight upon the beach the crew were resting upon. Seizing captaincy, he led the crew deeper into Northland territory, eager to test the strength of the legendarily-skilled Northern Warriors within. The burly stoat met his match three seasons in, when coming face to face with the almost mythically powerful fox chieftain Kurum Tagh. Brartag and his crew fought with Kurum and his tribe, and were massacred with ease. Brartag himself was dismembered in every limb as well as beheaded during his duel with Kurum Tagh, before being burned in a pyre along with his entire crew. 

Brartag was captain of the Seareaver, which he left abandoned near the Northern Coast when he and his crew sought out the warriors of the North. The Seareaver was later taken by the hare Devon and his crew.