• Brigadier Barty

    Prologue and Epilogue to Mossflower, approx. 

    At this point in time, the whole of the Western, Southern, and Northern Seas are under the control of the Searats of Terramort, the single most powerful corsairing faction of its time. All other wavevermin are forced to either face the Searat onslaught or flee inland, causing much trouble for Salamandastron to deal with and leaving them far too preoccupied to bother with the Searats. Those searats who refuse to join the Searats of Terramort are slain, but the non-searat vermin are given no quarter when met. 

    Gabool the Wild personally founded the Searats of Terramort, and now rules from Fort Bladegirt as an old and experienced sovereign. Terramort Isle, Isle of Irgash, Wood Isle, Peace Island, Tw…

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  • Brigadier Barty


    February 18, 2015 by Brigadier Barty

    This is a list of random names that can be used at anyone's leisure.

    • Anemone
    • Amaryllis
    • Amaranth
    • Aster
    • Begonia
    • Bellflower
    • Bergamot
    • Bluebell
    • Bottlebrush (Squirrel?)
    • Camellia
    • Carnation
    • Chrysantemum
    • Clover
    • Crocus
    • Daisy
    • Dahlia
    • Daffodil
    • Delphinium
    • Edelweiss
    • Freesia
    • Gerbera
    • Gladiolus
    • Hibiscus
    • Heather
    • Hyacinth
    • Holly
    • Jasmine
    • Lavender
    • Lilac
    • Lily
    • Lotus
    • Marigold
    • Mimosa
    • Orchid
    • Petunia
    • Rhododendrun
    • Tulip
    • Waterlily
    • Zinnia

    • Snapdragon
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  • Biggren

    Foretoken at Nezérun

    February 12, 2015 by Biggren

    Arrûn the Fair fastened the straps on his polished silver béléthar cuirass and drew a rough, homespun stormy-blue cloak over it before buckling on his sword-belt and grasping the crosshandle on his shield. The silver-furred squirrel took a deep breath as he cast a parting glance around the soft white trees and calm evening shadows of the Ildré woodland. 

    "As ye know, we have been commissioned by the Magister Éû himself. By three days' passing we should be in Nezérun and getting an answer to all this confusion, if all goes well as it should. Everyone ready to march?" Arrûn nodded to his company- three silver Ildré squirrels like himself, and the short mole dwarf wielding his hefty old mace -and the fivesome set off along the path through the…

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  • Biggren

    The Slavers

    December 27, 2014 by Biggren
    Rough plot outline:
    "Now Braggs an' Finch- they was a nasty pair if ever I knew 'em. They came up werkin' the Southern Slave Routes, ya know..."

    Over the past few seasons slaver bands have become more daring, even going so far as to penetrate into Mossflower territories to the North and the Kingdom of Southsward to the South.

    In Southsward, Trandy the hedgehog comes home from spearfishing to find his wife Umbell and daughter Trimbee gone. He and his sons, Rumby and Dallow, make for the Southsward Plateaus and meet the squirrel Silfo, who is tracking his own wife, Sweetkin.

    At this moment, a slaver gang comprising of Finch, Braggs and their latest cohorts, Saltclaw, Well…

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  • Brigadier Barty

    Story Ideas

    July 23, 2014 by Brigadier Barty

    Ten beasts strong, three weasels, two stoats, one fox, four rats. 


    Gender: Male

    Species: Weasel

    Weaponry: Oakwood Staff, long, skinning knife

    Appearance: A thin, sickly weasel with chestnut-brown fur, dark, shifty eyes, and yellowed teeth. He wears a dark-green cloak to hide the rotting, hairless patches of skin on his back, which are diseased and infected, the flesh pale and slick with pus. He also wears a leather belt made from mouseskin, which carries his knife. 

    Place of Origin: The Western Flatlands


    Gender: Male

    Species: Fox

    Weaponry: Cutlass

    Appearance: A tall, broad-shouldered fox with soft eyes and a typically thoughtful, far-off look on his face. His crimson fur and fiery tail are typical of his species, though the fox also has a…

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