Cap'n Arrig is a thin, tall marbled polecat with golden marbling on his back, wearing a green captain's coat and wavy purple silken waistsash. He wields a scimitar, harpoon and bill hook as weaponry, and captained the galley Clawkeel when it sunk during a storm, dashed against a rock formation near a small isle in the middle of the wide ocean blue. 
Arrig is shown to be rather contemptuous of his crew and their abilities, as well as frustrated at the sinking of his vessel, berating the weasels Jiddee and Jahovy. At the sight of the natives waiting for his crew on the shoreline, he immediately assumed the worst. 
He proved to be all the more willing to abandon his sinking ship, instructing his crew to meet him on the deck in twenty minutes tops to discuss plans, plans that were swiftly abandoned when the ship began sinking sooner than anticipated. He was thrown into the water with Skilgutt, losing a tooth in the process, before the enterprising searat cook Halftooth hauled him, Skilgutt, and a fox named Riftrun aboard his raft laden with supplies.
Once aboard, Arrig whipped out his scimitar in a show of bravado, but immediately lost nerve at the sight of just how many Skurats were gathered on the beach. He was one of the first to notice the approaching canoes with savage tribesbeasts onboard armed with longbows and arrows nocked. 
When the raft sinks and the few crewbeasts who managed to climb aboard are assaulted by the Skurats, Arrig is no longer mentioned. It can be assumed that the polecat's shortlived career was either ended by a Skurat dart or spear, he drowned, or he managed to swim ashore and flee the Skurats with other crewbeasts.