Arcturon Blackblade
Origin: Western Lands
Weapon(s):Longsword, Dagger
Appearance: Arcturon was a red fox of typical height, with hardened muscle and thick scars to show just how good at his job he was. He wore a drab gray cloak and a leather belt.
Personality: Thorough, cool and collected, with no real allegiance.
Occupation: Mercenary
Allegiance: Blackblade Mercenary Company
Death: Slain by Marid

Arcturon Blackblade was a mercenary fox active during the Pre-Redwall Era, slaughtering and kidnapping alongside his son and any vermin who would work alongside the cunning foxes, running a mercenary band known as the Blackblade Mercenary Company and killing for any who hired them. 

Sly and versatile, Arcturon toppled kingdoms and slaughtered monarchs, but by the time of his death, he was a graying dogfox with a limp and scars that burned with the fire of long-forgotten battles. The great mercenary finally met his fate against the honey badger Marid, fighting alongside his son and the last members of his band against Marid and his revenge-seeking followers, who were the last survivors of the foxes' most recent operation. 

Arcturon wore a drab gray cloak and a leather belt, which carried his steel longsword and dagger.