Andréan Crumweld
Occupation: Blademaster
Allegiance: Long Patrol

Andréan Bardolomeo Bladencroft Cripps Crumweld was a Blademaster and Field Marshal of Salamandastron sometime during the Vermin Wars Era, and the penman of the fight book, Crumweld's Arming-Book and also the Noonvale Letters.


Andréan Bardolomeo Bladencroft Cripps Crumweld was born to Blademaster Murion and Helende Crumweld and grew up around the blade and arts of fighting. Young Andréan was terrible at fighting, and was a bit of a disappointment to his great swordmaster father. Under these circumstances, he ran away from Salamandastron a leveret. After many compelling adventures, he returned a phenomenal swordmaster and adult. He didn't say much about what he did during the twelve seasons that he was gone.

Thirty seasons later, after his great father had passed, he became Blademaster of Salamandastron and began roaming hither and yon, gathering old texts and fighting treatises. When he had finally completed his research, he compiled the first Arming Book in Mossflower Country. No longer would young hares be trained by the faulty memory of aging swordmasters passed down through generations. A new age of fighting had come.

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