Abbot Delphinium I of Loamhedge
Origin: Southsward
Weapon(s):Hallstatt Sword, dirk, spiked buckler
Appearance: Tall, straight-backed, and muscular, with broad shoulders and bright blue eyes.
Personality: Confident and fully capable of leading his Abbey through thick and thin, as well as merciless towards his enemies.
Occupation: Abbot of Loamhedge
Allegiance: Loamhedge Abbey
Appears: The Journal of Sister Estela, Recorder of Loamhedge

Delphinium was an Abbot of Loamhedge, his role as leader of the Abbey spanning a long line of seasons chronicled in Loamscript by Sister Estela, whose weathered writings were last seen located in the Redwall Abbey Library.

He was a tall, muscular mouse described as wise, capable, and above all, merciless, having driven out many slaver bands from the Southeast during his watchful rule.

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